Clearing Out Your House And Skip Hire

Clearing Out Your House And Skip Hire

One of the most stressful tasks known to many people is moving house. Changing residences seems as simple as loading the boot and driving off. However, the things you need to do before moving contribute to the hair-pulling and backbreaking toil of changing addresses.

One of these activities is clearing out your house. Unless you only have a few bits and pieces to dispose of, there may be a lot of hard work in store for you. That old leaky refrigerator will not dispose of itself, and neither will the couch you bought way back when.

It’s times like these that you’ll need somewhere to get rid of the rubbish. As fly-tipping can get you in a lot of trouble, domestic skip hire can take much of the guesswork out of waste disposal.

Should I Hire A Professional? Or, Should I Do It Myself?

Before turning to skip hire services, you may wonder if you can do a house clearance yourself. While you can, a skip hire company can help you in so many ways.

First, hiring a skip can help you take care of large volumes of rubbish. The average size of a home in the UK is about 656 square feet. A house this size can generate as much as 500 kg of waste in a year. Even rubbish bags totaling only a fifth of this figure can be too heavy for a single person. Loading this much into your boot will not be easy.

A skip hire gives you a way to dispose of this waste, easily and safely.

Also, skips can accommodate a range of waste materials. These waste materials are dry, allowing skip hire services to sort them for recycling. This means that your waste will be disposed of in a way that is environmentally friendly.

By using a skip hire company, waste removal is convenient, safe, economical, good for the environment and legal.

Why Clear A House? The Three Most Common Reasons

There may be many reasons for wanting to clear your house. In the United Kingdom, these are the most common ones:

Prepping For Home Renovation

The renovation of your property or flat may be minor or major. For major renovation, clearing out the contents of the property is vital.

Death Of A Loved One

A loved one who has passed may be the owner of the property and there may be a need to clear the house of waste furniture and items.

In such a situation, the next of kin, spouse, or authorized party has the option to sell the inherited property. Prior to the sale, a cleared property might provide prospective buyers (and the landlord) some reassurance.

Moving House (End Of Tenancy)

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This is probably the most common reason for clearing a house. When you move out of a property or flat, a well-received courtesy is to remove all rubbish.

Rubbish may be garbage. However, you can also include dilapidated and dated furniture and large appliances. If you have done some renovation before moving out, debris (so long as it is not plasterboard) can also be disposed of with a skip.

Moving Into A Care Home

The United Kingdom has an ageing population. As of 2019, the country was home to at least 12 million people older than the age of retirement. This means that more and more senior citizens will move into care homes in the years to come.

Once an individual opts to move to a care home, he might not be in his or her property for a while. This means that the property may need to be cleared of possessions and rubbish. 

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What To Consider When Clearing A House

Again, clearing a house may not be as simple as it seems. Other than the potentially fatigue-inducing work it requires, house clearing comes with a number of things you may need to think about. Some of the most common are as follows:

What Do You Wish To Dispose Of? What Do You Wish To Keep?

It would be unlikely that you would want to dispose of everything. Some items are worth keeping, and others might not be. Whatever the case may be, establishing what you need to dispose of can save you time, effort, and money later on.

How Much Waste Do You Need To Deal With?

Once you have established the amounts of waste you have, you will be in a better position to decide upon your waste disposal option.

If you are considering skip hire, the amount of household waste can tell you:

  • Whether you need smaller or larger skips
    • How much you may have to spend

Luckily, Skip Search UK can help you find cheap skip hire near you manned by a friendly team of waste removal experts. 

What Type Of Waste Do You Have?

This is an important consideration for two reasons:

1. Skips can only accommodate certain types of waste. Most of the time, waste must be dry, and cannot include biodegradable or hazardous waste.

2. It is illegal to dispose of certain types of waste in the UK.

If you are disposing of waste that is dry or recyclable, a skip is your best option.

How Big Should The Skip Be?

Now that you have established the type and amount of your waste, you can now choose the right skip.It is important to choose the right size of skip for you.

Skip hire offers a range of skip sizes from 2 yards to 12 yards. House clearances usually require small to medium-sized skips.

Small skips are usually 2 yards to 2 yards. 6 and 8 yard skips can be used when you have more household waste. For a much larger cleaning or renovation project, you may consider large skips that measure ten to 12 yards. 

Skip The Guesswork With The Right Skip Hire

Whatever your reason is for clearing out a property or flat, waste disposal is essential. For an accessible, cheap, and green option, go for a skip hire company near you.

Find one with us here at Skip Search UK!





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