COVID-19 and Maintaining Hygiene, Sanitation and Safety

Hygiene has always been a big deal. It’s particularly crucial now as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. People care about disinfection more than ever before, and with good reasoning. If you want to remain healthy and productive during the COVID-19 situation and beyond, then it can help you significantly to stay on top of any and all effective disinfection practices.

Surface Survival and the Coronavirus

If you want to grasp disinfection well, then you should take the time to learn about how long the coronavirus can actually stay alive on certain surface varieties that are out there. It can stay alive on top of stainless steel for anywhere between three and seven days in total. The same thing goes for plastic. The virus can survive on top of glass or paper for as long as four days. It can survive on top of copper for as long as four full hours at a time, too. The coronavirus can stay alive on wood for as long as 48 hours total. It can stay alive on cardboard for as long as a full day at a time as well.

It’s crucial to make a point to comprehend which items you regularly encounter are made of which typical materials. Refrigerators are often stainless steel appliances. Electrical wires and coins are often made out of copper.

Examples of plastic items are computer keyboards, credit cards and bottled water.

Things that are made out of glass include but are not limited to mirrors, windows and mobile device screens.

Paper items include paper towels, tissues, letters and, last but definitely not least, cash currency.

If you have many furnishings in your living space, then they’re in many cases made out of wood.

Packages for food tend to be made out of cardboard. If you receive a box in the mail, then odds are high that it’s made out of cardboard, too.

Take Action Through Cleaning Work

Routine property deep cleaning sessions can do a lot for safety and peace of mind. You can make yourself a lot less susceptible to getting the virus and possibly falling ill by zeroing in on disinfection. It’s smart to thoroughly disinfect telephones, countertops, toilets, remote controls and doorknobs daily if at all possible. You should utilize a household cleaning formula in wipe or spray form. If the tops of any of the items in your space are soiled, wipe them down meticulously beforehand. You can then proceed with the disinfection process.

If you don’t have a household cleaning formula of any kind in your possession, you don’t have to panic. That’s because you can produce an effective bleach mixture all by yourself. It can stay strong for as long as a full day. Blend a total of five tablespoons of standard household bleach for every individual water gallon. Refrain from ever blending bleach with different cleansers or with any ammonia. Allow bleach formulas to linger on the tops of surfaces in your space for a minimum of 60 seconds.

Hand washing is also paramount. Make a point to wash your hands meticulously with significant frequency. Use a combination of warm water and soap. Wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds each time. Do this any time you return to your residence after going out into public. You should do this any time you retrieve an item from the outdoors, too.

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