Facts On Skip Hire And Waste Management In The UK: Statistics

Facts On Skip Hire And Waste Management In The UK: Statistics

As common as they are, skips have had a long history. Since the 1700s, skips have been used for a number of things, including beekeeping and storage. The Industrial Revolution saw the repurposing of the skip into a storage aid for cotton. Once the 1920s rolled in, the skip became a go-to container for large volumes of dry rubbish and debris. 

To this very day, people continue to use skips for this purpose. Not only have they survived, but they have also thrived. With a whole industry that sustains them, the skip continues to be used frequently for dry waste produced by home improvers, renovators, and for construction projects. 

Its prominence calls into question how often skips are used today, for what, and by who. Here, we go look at the numbers and some fun facts about this waste management industry staple. 

Here are ten facts and stats about skip hire and usage in the United Kingdom. 

The Modern-Day Skip Appeared In The 1960s

Skips were used as containers for business and domestic rubbish as early as the 1920s. However, from this time until the 1940s, skips were on the back of lorries that regularly collected trash. Skips were used this way in England, as well as across the in globally. 

The idea of detaching the skip began with a Tennessee-based construction company. As it came to be known, the dumpster became a new way to manage plastic waste, domestic waste, and other dry rubbish. In the 1960s, the waste management industry of countries like Germany capitalized on this innovation, leading to the birth of cheap skip hire in the United Kingdom. 

Skips Only Used To Be Yellow

Nearly every skip hire company in the country uses mainly yellow skips. There is a reason why skips have retained this colour for the longest time. 

Sometime in the early 1970s, waste management authorities helped pass a law requiring skips to be yellow. The reason being – easy visibility. 

In other words, yellow was the colour of choice since many deemed it highly-visible to pedestrians and motorists. As a result, skips in the UK were yellow for a long time.

Nowadays, the rules are more “flexible”, allowing skips to be painted in any colour as long as pedestrians and motorists can see them. Skip hires companies, and country waste management authorities are now free to use any colour on a skip. Of course, signage and lighting are paramount for visibility.

The United Kingdom Produces Millions Of Tonnes Of Waste Annually

Many of the country’s issues regarding waste management come from the sheer amount of rubbish disposed of yearly. A recent report by the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs discovered that the country dumps about 200 million tonnes of waste per year. 

Luckily, the same report identified steady declines in waste disposal for the past few years. Nonetheless, there is still enough rubbish to concern experts as landfill areas are nearing capacity. In 2022, there may be no more space to dispose of waste. 

For these reasons, skip hire companies are an essential public service. All that is required is your custom and cooperation. 

In 2019, Nearly 80,000 People Paid Fines For Fly-Tipping 

“Fly-tipping” is disposing of rubbish in a place that is not a landfill or a waste processing centre. For instance, you have committed fly-tipping if you dumped your black rubbish bag along the side of the A458 Motorway. 

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The UK takes safety in waste disposal quite seriously as fly-tipping incidents have risen. In 2019, the UK Environment Agency penalized more than 76,000 individuals for illegal dumping of waste

Penalties for fly-tipping are quite severe. These include a hefty fine of up to £50,000 and up to a year behind bars on waste management charges. To save yourself from this possibility, dispose of your rubbish with cheap and accessible skip hire

Food Waste Makes Up A Tenth Of The Total Waste Of The Country

Of the 200 million tonnes of rubbish dumped each year, at least 20 million are in the form of food waste. This means that leftovers make up at least 10% of the UK’s total biodegradable rubbish. When you think about it, that’s approximately more than five million baps thrown to the bin yearly!

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The West Midlands Has The Highest Number Of Skip Hire Companies In The UK

You can find a skip hire company in nearly every county, market town, or city in the UK. If you live in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, or Coventry, you are in luck since there are so many skip hire companies.

At the time of writing, the West Midlands has roughly 172 skip hire companies. These companies rent out cheap skips for your home renovation,  construction, or other household waste needs. 

Other areas where you can find many cheap skip hire companies is Manchester, where about 123 skip hire companies have set up shop. 

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Millions Of Skips Are Hired Yearly For Domestic Use

Every year in the UK, many households struggle with waste disposal. For this reason, the demand for skips has gone up. As more people develop a knack for home renovation and improvement, the number may not slow down any time soon. 

At the time of writing, the yearly number of hired skips was around 17 million. The vast majority of these skips are for domestic use. This can give you an idea of the waste production of the average British household. 

The Lowest Recorded Price For A Skip Is Less Than £70

In the early days of the skip, a household or business can rent one for about £5.00. By 1960s standards, this is roughly the equivalent of around £150, so not many homes could afford to hire or rent one. 

Today, not every skip costs £150, especially ones that are 6 to 8 yards. At the time of writing, the lowest recorded price of a skip is £60. 

In other words, a skip hire may not only be an eco-friendly solution in the waste industry, it is also a cost-effective solution for your home renovation and household needs. 

The UK Government Spends Billions To Dispose And Recycle Waste 

For more than a decade, the UK government’s expenditure on waste reduction, management, and recycling has gone up. In 2009, the government spent at least 6 billion pounds on the reduction of waste. Each year since 2009, spending has been increasing by about 1 billion pounds. 

The allocation on waste management reached an all-time high in 2020 when 8.85 billion pounds went to waste management. 

The Popularity Of Skip Hires May Continue Until After 2021

Nowadays, most skip hire companies cater to homeowners conducting DIY home renovation projects. One reason may be the COVID-19 lockdowns.

In July 2020, the total investment in home renovation and improvement tallied a staggering £50 billion. With the UK now on its third lockdown period, spending is likely to increase with the rising number of new DIY enthusiasts. 

The increase in DIY projects can lead to higher rates of waste generation. Hence, skip hire companies will be sought after in many parts of the United Kingdom. 

Skip Hire- Your Environmentally-Sound Cost-Effective Waste Management Option

For your waste management needs, choose skip hire. 

Skip Search UK can help you find one near to you that can offer you the best deals.  

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