Has the bubble burst for Skip hire for this year with the lifting of lockdown?

Has the bubble burst for Skip hire for this year with the lifting of lockdown?

Skip hires slow as consumers opt for holidays over home improvement

It’s no secret that the construction, home improvement and garden industries have boomed during the pandemic. With people staring at the same four walls, or garden fences if you’ve been lucky! It was inevitable that we’d get fed up of our surroundings and try to improve them. For 18 months, this rush on the construction and improvement industries has created an increase in the inevitable waste that goes along with such projects.

It’s been a huge task for skip hire companies to keep up with demand. Some skip hire providers have reported that the volume of skip hires has doubled since the beginning of 2019 and there are reports that some customers have had to wait weeks in order to get their skip delivered. In other places, it’s been said by local authorities that skip permits have increased by as much as 500%.

The release from lockdown is shifting the public’s focus from home improvement, towards the thought of a different type of escapism… Holidays. With Brits once again allowed to go on their Jollies, skip hire companies might soon be feeling the pinch.

There has been steady demand for skip hires since the lockdown was lifted, but it’s likely that this is simply the regular seasonal uptick that we see in building work and home projects during the warmer months and will ease over time as people focus once more on holidays than home improvement projects.

Autumn and winter traditionally see a slowdown in our industry, with consumer’s shifting focus away from their homes and gardens. And when you add to that the increased cost of holidaying abroad this year, will a historically leaner period, become a full scale slowdown for skip hirers this year?

We hope not!