Skip Size Guide

What size skip best suits your job? Find out what capacity each skip has and what jobs they are suited to

Small Skip Hire - 4 Yard Skip

A 4-yard skip is a midi-skip. As a larger skip than the 2-yard mini skip, it can hold as much as 45 bin bags, on average. This means that it offers better storage capacity than the 2-yard skip. In most cases, it weighs about 125 kgs when empty but could be slightly heavier. Measuring 7 feet in length, a 4-yard midi skip has the same height as any mini-skip. In width, it measures about 5 feet, although there may be some marginal differences. A 4 yard skip is a sensible choice for household projects and more extensive projects and garden clearances.

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Medium Skip Hire - 6 yard Skip

A 6-yard skip is also known as a small builders skip. A 6-yard skip measures 10 feet in length. Being about 4 to 5 feet wide, this skip has a height of roughly 4 feet, making it a fantastic service skip for construction contractors, large home renovators, or anyone with a large volume of commercial or household waste. Empty, a small builder’s skip can tip the scales at roughly 135 kilograms. This is the ideal skip for you if you are renovating more than just a room. It may even be the right kind of skip if you are a business owner with its storage capacity and dimensions.

Large Skip Hire - 8-Yard Skip or Builders Skip

A larger builders skip can measure 12 feet in length. Despite some differences, it can be anywhere from 4.5 feet to 5 feet high and 6 feet wide. In short, it is one of the bigger skips before roll-on roll-off sizes. This size skip can accommodate as many as 75 to 85 bin bags. With it, you can dispose of large quantities of rubble soil, plastics, soil waste, wood, concrete. In short, a high amount of debris from a building sie, office building or home renovation can easily fit into this skip.

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Extra Large Skip Hire -12 Yard Skip

A 12 yard skip is around 13 ft X 6.5 ft X 6.5 ft. Also known as the popular maxi skip, the 12-yard skip is one of the largest skips a homeowner can rent. As one of the larger skip sizes, 12 yards has enough space for virtually all discarded building materials and furniture. This 12 cubic yard skip can take around 120 bin bags.


You will only need a permit if your skip is placed on a public road.  If your skip is on private land like a driveway you will not require a permit. You can add a skip permit to your order for £70

You can put many items in a skip such as household waste, rubble, soil, wood, concrete, furniture, plastic and metals.

You cannot put hazardous items such as Asbestos in a skip and will require a specialist company to dispose of this.  Liquids, gas canisters, batteries, clinical waste, plasterboard and tyres cannot be put in a skip.  Mattresses can be disposed of but you will be asked to pay additional costs to pay for the removal.

The cost of a skip will depend on which size you wish to hire.  Small skip hire (4 cubic yards) costs from £135 depending on region, whereas Extra Large skip hire (12 cubic yards) costs from around £300

Skip hire companies will aim to reuse, recycling or reclaim as much of your waste as possible.  This reduces the amount of waste that ends up in a landfill site.  Many companies can prevent 98% of your waste going to a landfill.

It is illegal to fill and transport a skip higher than the level of the sides or to use boards to make the sides higher.  If you do this, we can refuse to collect your skip.

There is not rule as to how long a skip can be kept.  Most skips are used for around 1-14 days. When you are ready for your skip to be collected you will simply contact the company to arrange. If you have a permit you need to make a note of the expiry date to make sure your skip is collected before this runs out.

There are many skip size guides online or contact your skip hire company to get more information.  It is easier to estimate size in bin bags.  For example, a mini skip can hold around 20 black bin bags and could be used for garden rubble, a maxi skip can hold around 90-110 and would be suitable for home or office refurbishment.

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