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12 Yard Skip – Commercial And Industrial Maxi Skip

A 12 yard skip is around  13 ft X 6.5 ft X 6.5 ft. Also known as the popular maxi skip, the 12-yard skip is one of the largest skips a homeowner can rent. As one of the larger skip sizes, 12 yards has enough space for virtually all discarded building materials and furniture.

This 12 cubic yard skip can take around 120 bin bags.

12 yard skip

What It Is Best For

You might need a waste container this size for the following situations:

Large Construction Projects

Large-scale construction requires a waste removal solution that can handle much volume. This is where maxi skips come in. Whether you are remodeling all parts of a home or building one from scratch, a maxi skip would be a suitable skip for your needs.

For Storing Bulky Waste

Some waste materials can be bagged or folded. Due to a maxi skip’s height and width, more cumbersome items like large furniture and appliances can go in with little to no trouble. Also, maxi skips can accommodate non-malleable materials like large pipes and scaffolding.

Limitations And Considerations

Maxi skips do come with certain limitations in their use.

Your Area Needs To Be Stable

At roughly 400 kilograms, maxi skips are quite heavy. The area in which you intend to place it needs to be stable enough to handle the weight of the skip. Your site also needs to be stable and sturdy enough to handle the weight of the skip once it has been filled.

Lorry Access

If your property is not large enough for a lorry to deliver a skip this size, you may need the skip placed elsewhere. Of course, this can affect the paperwork and permits you would need to sort out with your local council.