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2 Yard Skip – Mini Skip

The smallest skip size you can hire in the United Kingdom is a 2-yard skip. A 2-yard skip is otherwise known as a mini-skip, for this reason.

A mini-skip measures about 5 feet in length. Heights vary. But, on average, a mini skip can be about 3 to 4 feet tall- about the height of a child. It is roughly 4 feet wide, but some can be as narrow as 3 feet. Often a mini skip can weigh as much as a hundred kilograms, if not slightly more.

Mini-skips are relatively compact. Nevertheless, they have the storage capacity to hold as much as 25 to 35 bin bags. As a result, a mini-skip is perfect for a relatively small quantity of dry recyclable rubbish- like those from a bathroom or living room refurbishing.

2 yard skip size
2 Yard Skip Size and Capacity

Why A Mini-Skip?

A 2-yard skip or mini-skip can be the ideal choice for your waste removal needs.


In general, skips require a lot of space, even if it is just for just a fortnight. Because of it’s compact a 2 yard skip can be placed on most driveways or even in a garden if access allows. 


The prices of skips can vary in many parts of the United Kingdom. While there are noticeable variations in pricing amongst skip hire services, one thing is certain: the skip size determines the price.

Since mini-skips are the smallest skips on the market, they are also the cheapest. So long as you know how to use the space efficiently, you can get the most out of a mini-skip’s storage capacity. The mini-skip’s cost-effectiveness makes it a waste solution that does not break the bank.

More Storage Capacity Than A Hippo Bag

The cheapest and least invasive waste removal alternative is a skip bag. Otherwise known as a hippo bag, a skip bag can hold about 20 bin bags. Granted, this is a decent number of bin bags.

However, waste from even a small-scale home renovation project can pile up in a hurry. For instance, for a simple garage renovation, you could be looking at roughly 25 to 35 bin bags. A mini-skip offers a larger waste solution for jobs like these.


The popular mini-skip is not without its drawbacks.

Size And Storage

An obvious limitation of the mini-skip is its storage capacity. It has enough space to accommodate most domestic waste. It can also hold small-scale business rubbish. But for larger projects the 2 yard skip is not an effective solution, when undertaking anything larger than the projects mentioned above, the mini skip would be filled very quickly and another skip required.

In short, mini-skips are ideal for garden, home, and small-scale commercial use. However, they can be too small when the job is larger than this. Large amounts of soil or debris may not fit in just one mini-skip. Mini skips would only be suitable for large jobs if the space was severely limited, meaning only a smaller skip would fit and would need to be replaced regularly.