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4 Yard Skip – Midi Skip

A 4-yard skip is a midi-skip. As a larger skip than the 2-yard mini skip, it can hold as much as 45 bin bags, on average. This means that it offers better storage capacity than the 2-yard skip. In most cases, it weighs about 125 kgs when empty but could be slightly heavier.

Measuring 7 feet in length, a 4-yard midi skip has the same height as any mini-skip. In width, it measures about 5 feet, although there may be some marginal differences. A 4 yard skip is a sensible choice for household projects and more extensive projects and garden clearances.

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Why A 4-yard Skip?

You might need a 4-yard mini skip if:

You require more storage.

Due to its size, a 4-yard skip can hold more waste than one that is half its size. Its dimensions allow it to hold around 45 bin bags.

The waste capacity provided makes this type of skip ideal for slightly larger projects at home and in the garden. The storage capacity suits the average waste from house clearances. The 4 yard skip will hold rubble, soil, and other forms of debris from garden renovation or building projects. This makes the midi skip one of the more popular skip sizes.

You Do Not Want To Pay For Two Small Mini-Skips

A 2-yard skip is indeed cheaper and takes up less space. But, waste like rubble, soil, debris, and garden waste can pile up quickly. If you misjudge your required waste capacity you  may have to hire another small skip. This will end up being more costly.

A 4-yard skip can both take up less space and be cheaper than hiring two smaller skips. It offers twice the storage space without the unnecessary space and costs.

You Have More Furniture To Dispose Of

When you hire a 4-yard skip, you get more room to store larger items other than bin bags- including smaller pieces of furniture.

You can dispose of smaller pieces of furniture like stools, small chairs, and smaller coffee tables. Of the range of skips available, a 4-yard skip is compact but offers storage for these items.


Here are the limitations of a midi skip that is 4 yards:

It Is Large, But Not Huge

True, a 4-yard midi-skip offers more storage than a mini-skip or hippo bag. But, its storage capacity still pales in comparison to larger skips like builder skips and roll-off skips. As a result, it is not an ideal choice for large-scale commercial projects.  It may not suffice for much larger house clearances either.

It Is Pricier Than A Mini-Skip

Due to its size, a midi-skip can also be more expensive than a mini-skip that measures 2 yards. If you need to choose between a mini and midi-skip, be sure to determine the exact amount of waste your project will produce.

Overshoot by too much, and you may have to find yourself paying for a larger skip.