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6 Yard Skip – Small Builders Skip

A 6-yard skip is also known as a small builders skip. A 6-yard skip measures 10 feet in length. Being about 4 to 5 feet wide, this skip has a height of roughly 4 feet, making it a fantastic service skip for construction contractors, large home renovators, or anyone with a large volume of commercial or household waste.

Empty,  a small builder’s skip can tip the scales at roughly 135 kilograms.

This is the ideal skip for you if you are renovating more than just a room. It may even be the right kind of skip if you are a business owner with its storage capacity and dimensions.

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Why You Might Need A 6 Yard – Builders Skip

You might need this size of skip for the following:

Waste Removal For Large-Scale Renovation and And Small-Scale Construction Projects

Due to its dimensions, a 6-yard skip is ideal for larger home improvement projects. Major home improvement projects can produce a lot of waste. The waste produced is not only limited to soil, aggregates, debris, and other discarded material.

Sometimes, you can have other materials like metal pipings or wooden planks, or slabs, especially when you’re undertaking a small-scale construction project. In short, a builder’s skip is a skip for building projects.

It is also a compact one, at that, as it is still smaller compared to many other commercial skip sizes. 

Larger Storage Capacity

The larger dimensions of a skip this size allow you to put as many as 65 to 75 bin bags. So long as you are not involved in any large-scale building projects, this can be more than enough space. It may even be enough space for you to dispose of larger pieces of furniture like an entire couch.

Things To Consider

Despite the benefits, here are a few things you may want to think of:

It Is Bigger

Indeed, this is what makes it preferable to smaller-sized waste containers. Nevertheless, this means you might need a larger space on your property to have a large-sized skip.

This can affect not only the space you will need. Occupying an area beyond your property can also determine whether or not you will need additional paperwork. If your skip extends to a parking space, you might need to sort out a parking bay suspension with your local council. A skip licence may also be required.

Luckily, we  can help you with the latter. 

Therefore, It Can Be Quite Expensive

The size of the skip determines its price. It may not be an extra-large skip, but a builders skip will undoubtedly cost much more than one that is smaller in size.