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8-Yard Skip – Builders Skip

A larger builders skip can measure 12 feet in length. Despite some differences, it can be anywhere from 4.5 feet to 5 feet high and 6 feet wide. In short, it is one of the bigger skips before roll-on roll-off sizes.

This size skip can accommodate as many as 75 to 85 bin bags.

With it, you can dispose of large quantities of rubble soil, plastics, soil waste, wood, concrete. In short, a high amount of debris from a building sie, office building or home renovation can easily fit into this skip.

8 yard skip hire

Best Uses

An 8-yard builders skip is useful for the following:

Large Furniture Removal

At times, you may need to move house or clear out a property. This can mean a lot of removed tiling, piping, and roofing. Moving and clearing out a property can also mean a lot of furniture that needs disposal, barring anyone willing to take any couches or tables of your hands.

When many pieces of furniture need removal, a builders skip is an ideal choice. They can also be a great choice if the furniture will be larger or more cumbersome.

Construction And Major Home Improvement Projects

Construction and major home renovation can lead to overloaded skips. But not with an 8-yard builders skip. With a maximum capacity of 8 tonnes, it can store more dry and recyclable material.

It is excellent for industrial, commercial, and extensive domestic use.

Some Considerations

Here are some things you may want to consider before hiring a skip this size:

It Weighs As Much As 250 Kilograms

The impressive size comes with weight. At 250 kilograms, a builders skip requires more of a sizable area for usage. The location you intend to place it on needs to be stable enough to handle the weight.

As well, not only should you factor in the weight of the skip when it is empty. Filled to capacity, the skip with rubbish can weigh up to 8 tonnes.

Size = Price

Due to its dimensions, a builder’s skip will cost more than the 6 yard skip. Prices vary by area, check out our quote tool for an accurate hire price.

The Need For Lorry Access

A larger skip not only requires a larger area and budget. It might also require your area to have larger lorry access. Lorries need to be able to deliver your skip to you. This might be a problem if you live in a highly-populated residential area, or an area with restricted access.