Skip Sizes Guide

Skip size guide.

There are a variety of skip sizes to suit a range of projects and budgets. These start at 2 cubic yards and go up to 40 cubic yards. It is always best to overestimate the size of skip that you need to prevent having to wait for collection and redelivery.  It will also save you money as you will not have to hire an additional skip. The larger the skip the cheaper it works out per cubic yard of waste.

2 cubic yard skips (mini skips) are good for small jobs which create rubble, for example re tiling a bathroom or kitchen. They hold the equivalent of 20 bin bags

4 cubic yard skips (midi skips) should be sufficient for small kitchen or bathroom renovations. They hold the equivalent of 25-35 bin bags.

6 cubic yard skips (small builders skips) can be used for larger DIY projects such as renovating a medium sized kitchen or bathroom.  The hold the equivalent of around 40-55 bin bags.

8 cubic yard skips (large builders skips) are ideal for heavy waste such as concrete, soil or rubble.  They can also be used for residential refurbishment projects or shop refits.  They hold the equivalent of 60-75 bin bags.

12 cubic yard skips (maxi skips) are required for large office or house clearance as well as bulky refurbishment works.  It is important not to fill them with materials such as bricks and soil as the skip wagon would not be able to carry them.  Due to their size, some councils will not allow these to be placed on the road. They hold the equivalent of 90-110 bin bags.

20 cubic yard roll on roll off skips are used for large amounts of aggregates, bricks and concrete. These will hold the equivalent of 200 bin bags.

40 cubic yard roll on roll off skips are the largest skips that you can hire.  They are used for construction waste, bulky waste and other large recyclables.  They can hold the equivalent of 400 bin bags.

Skip Hire Size Guide
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Roll on roll off skips enable customers to fill their skip with heavier waste. These are often used in industries such as construction as they can accommodate a large amount of waste.

If you are concerned about fly tipping when hiring a skip you can opt for an enclosed skip, this will prevent any unauthorised access and items being taken from your skip.  They can also prevent rubbish spilling out and harming the environment.  Many companies will offer this option.

Remember: you must not dispose of hazardous waste such as Asbestos in a skip. Companies can give you advice on how to arrange removal of these items in a safe way.