Top Tips when Choosing a Skip Hire company

Top tips to choosing the best skip company:

1: Investigate your local skip hire companies.

Good skip hire companies will operate their own licensed waste transfer stations which are regulated by the Environmental Agency.  They will also be members of the Institute of Waste Management.  This is a professional body which promotes education around waste and also helps to raise standards in the waste management business.

2: Understand the costs for skip hire companies.

Skip hire companies have a lot of overheads.  Skip wagons alone cost around £35000, the average skip will cost £500, as well as insurance of these.  Many companies have their own machines to sort and manage waste. Owners will need to hire a driver to deliver and collect skips as well as administrative staff to ensure that the company runs smoothly.  All skip hire companies will pay public liability insurance and employers liability insurance.

Once waste is collected the skip hire companies will be required to pay a landfill tax which currently stands at around £90 per ton of waste.

3: Choose a skip hire company who offer a secure card payment option.

Companies that offer cheap services and take cash payments are sometimes those who will resort to fly tipping. This is because they cannot afford to dispose of waste in a way which is legal, ethical and safe. If the company are found to have fly tipped your rubbish, then you can end up with a fine.

4: Choose an ethical skip hire company.

Choosing a company who promotes an ethical method, will help to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill sites.  Around 98% of waste can be reclaimed, reused or recycled. This means that you can do your bit to protect the environment.