Your Garden Waste And How To Clear It Out

Your Garden Waste And How To Clear It Out

It’s spring again. 

It is the time of year when you either need to smell the flowers or clean up the areas around them. Spring is when the average homeowner in the United Kingdom cleans his property. Hence the term, “spring cleaning”. 

Whatever the season, few will deny that spring cleaning can be a pain in the bottom. Surprisingly, hardly is it the actual cleaning that pains most homeowners. It is what is needed after that. 

Anyone can rake leaves into a pile. However, how easy is it to get rid of them? 

Garden waste collection is a must for homeowners. Whether you clean your yard in the summer, fall, or spring, you will need a proper waste collection service. One that will help you sort out seasonal or yearly garden waste. 

Read on if you want to enjoy a cold one on your patio ASAP. Here is our guide to garden waste removal.

Why Removing Your Garden Rubbish Is An Excellent Idea

The waste created by your garden cleaning may not be toxic or hazardous like electrical waste or some household waste. Nonetheless, tidying up your property or lawn whenever possible can create a safer environment for yourself and other members of your household. 

Here are the reasons why doing some spring cleaning can benefit you: 

Cleaning Your Garden Clears Up Space For A Patio 

As you remove all the leaves and unsightly soil from your lawn, you remove clutter as well. Doing this frees up a lot of space. With the newly-available space, you can lay down a patio or a mini-playground for your little ones. 

You would also be giving yourself some new space for when you wish to add another part of the house. A clear garden makes a small gazebo or fire pit possible. 

Garden Waste Disposal Makes Your Garden Safer

Clutter like leaves, soil, rocks, and dead branches create obstructions. These can lead to somebody slipping or tripping. If you live with pets, they may also mistakenly eat your green waste and fall ill. 

Done Promptly, Your Rubbish Collection Cost May Be Lower

The amount of dead branches, soil, debris, or leaves you need taken away can affect how much you have pay for waste removal. Procrastinate your cleaning project further, and you will accumulate more waste.

A large volume of waste might require a larger skip. It may even incur higher costs if the weight is heavy enough for bulky waste collection. 

The sooner you clean your garden for waste collection day, the lesser you need to have removed. 

In Cleaning Your Garden, You Remove Potential Pest Dwellings

An untidy garden can be a breeding ground for pests like rats and mosquitoes. If you want these and other pests out of your property, it is best to keep your garden or lawn clear of any clutter that may shelter them. 

Things To Consider When Cleaning Your Garden Property

Cleaning house (or garden, for that matter) involves more than stuffing all your waste in bin bags. To go about your project efficiently, you might need to do some homework. In particular, taking stock of the following can more things about nicely: 

How Much Waste You Have

skip hire garden waste

Knowing how much rubbish you may need to remove can help determine your waste removal option and budget. 

Of course, if you have projected your waste to fill up ten to 20 bin bags, you can go with a mini-skip. A man-and-van service is not a bad idea either. Nor would the free green waste collection service provided by your council. 

With volume and weight comes costs. For instance, hiring a midi-skip for 40 bins bags of leaves will cost more than hiring a mini-skip. 

Green Waste Vs. General Waste

Waste items are not always the same (apparently). Cleaning your garden, you need to distinguish between green waste and general waste. 

Green waste is what you gather when you collect branches, leaves, and weeds. It can also include plant materials like shrubs, bushes, dead flowers, and grass. 

On the other hand, you also have general waste. This type of waste is more general. It can include anything else that came as a result of your garden clearing efforts. Here are some examples of garden waste:

  • Old furniture from your garden
  • Pots
  • Old or broken garden tools
  • Soil and rubble

Taking stock and knowing which category your garden waste falls into can determine your options for waste removal. For example, many councils throughout the United Kingdom offer free kerbside green waste collection days. If all you have is green waste, you need not spend a single pence getting your waste hauled off to the recycling centre. 

On the other hand, you might have to hire a skip or man-in-van for general waste, especially for heavier items and other garden waste items. Do keep in mind that there may be a high charge for disposing of soil and rubble. After all, they can be quite cumbersome for the collection team. 

The Possibility Of Composting

Some waste from your garden may be composted either by you or the recycling centre to which you send it. Waste-wise, your choices for composting include:

  • Grass cuttings
  • Leaves
  • Prunings
  • Dead plants
  • Bark

Whether You Want To Pre-Bag The Waste Yourself Or Not

Placing your waste in garden waste sacks yourself can facilitate its removal. However, sometimes, you may already be quite knackered from all the raking and lifting. If this is the case, you might be better off hiring a man-in-van service. 

Otherwise, your local skip hire will do just nicely. 

Skip Hire? Man-In-Van? Which Is Better? 

Waste collections can be done by any waste company in the United Kingdom. Local councils even have waste removal services for their respective localities. 

Often, the removal of garden waste matter falls on two types of waste removal services. 

Man-And-Van Waste Removal

A man-and-van waste removal service is a brilliant choice if you are pressed for time. Man-and-vans remove all types of waste, including ones not from your garden like dry kitchen waste and domestic waste. Also, man-in-vans are waste removal experts you can call on the day. 

The only downside seems to be that man-and-van crews may not necessarily have your garden in mind as they work. You may want to prepare for some trampled grass on the day of waste collection. 

Skip Hire

Skip Hire Near Me

Unless you have a garden waste subscription with your local council waste removal service, a skip is also an excellent choice. 

Skips shine if you have a lot of garden waste you need to dispose of in a shorter time frame. The capacity of even a mini-skip for garden waste clearance outmatches that of any man-and-van’s. For this reason, it is also affordable, particularly with large volumes of waste. 

It can also be an environmentally-friendly option since skip hires minimise waste that gets left in landfills. Instead, you can expect most of your garden waste to be turned to compost. 

If you want a great deal on a skip, Skip Search UK can help. 

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