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Who are SkipSearch

Skip search is a free skip hire directory that will help you to find skip hire services local to you. It will take the stress out of looking for a skip and ensure that you can find a reputable company to dispose of your waste.

Why hire a skip?

Hiring a skip is an ecological way to dispose of your waste.  Skip hire companies will help to sort your waste to ensure that as little rubbish as possible ends up in a landfill site. This reduces the amount of harmful greenhouse gases and prevents damage to the environment. It is estimated that 50% of landfill is made up of paper, a material that can be easily and safely be recycled. Skip hire companies will be required to pay a landfill tax of around £90 per ton of waste and therefore they aim to reduce this amount as much as possible. Skip hire companies will actively sort through your waste and separate it into different materials for reuse in other industries such as gardening, construction and electricity generation.

There is an increasing pressure on waste management and this means that companies must actively manage waste streams to ensure minimal impact on the environment.  Waste can end up in landfill sites, this creates harmful greenhouse gases such as methane.  Many companies and families now wish to support a greener future which means considering what will happen to your waste once you have disposed of it.  The majority of waste can be reused, recycled of reclaimed, this prevents waste ending up in landfill sites.

Skip Hire Prices

Skip hire prices vary depending on the size of the skip that you need for your project. Sizes range from 2 cubic yard mini skips, which cost around £65 to large 40 cubic yard roll on roll off skips that cost around £450. They can be used for small projects such as re-tiling a bathroom to the disposal of large amounts of commercial construction waste. The table below gives a guide to sizes, capacity and recommended uses of skips. Find more info in our Skip Size guide

2 Yard Skip – Approx 20 Bin Bags – Uses: Garden rubble, Small DIY projects – Cost from £65

4 Yard Skip – Approx 25-35 Bin Bags – Uses: Samll Kitchen and Bathroom projects – Cost from£100

6 Yard Skip – Approx 40-55 Bin Bags – Uses: Medium kitchen or bathroom renovations. – Cost from £120

8 Yard Skip – Approx 60-75 Bin Bags – Uses: Residential or shop refurbishment. – Cost from £200

12 Yard Skip – Approx 90-110 Bin Bags – Uses: Large office or house clearance. These should not be filled with concrete, bricks or soil. – Cost from £250

20 Yard Skip – Approx 200 Bin Bags – Uses: Large amount of aggregates, brick or concrete. – Cost from £300

40 Yard Skip – Approx 400 Bin Bags – Uses: Construction projects and bulky waste. – Cost from £400

Skip Hire Guide

Before choosing the company that you would like to use you should consider the following points Reputable skip hire companies will be happy to answer any questions you have around what will happen to your waste.  Good skip hire companies will have an economical ethos to waste management and will aim to recycle, reuse and reclaim 98% of waste to prevent large amounts from going to landfill.  They will accept secure card payments as those who quote cheaper, cash in hand prices may be more likely to fly tip your waste.  This is because of the overheads that companies are required to pay to ensure your waste is disposed of economically and legally.For top tips when choosing a skip hire company click the link.

What can you put in a skip?

You can dispose of most household items in skips, for example furniture, soil, rubble or concrete. However, there are some items that cannot be placed is a skip.  You will need to ask the company for more advice on how to dispose of these. More info on our FAQ page

  • Any electrical items
  • Asbestos – this needs to be removed by a qualified asbestos removal company due to the health risks.
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Food scraps, nappies or sanitary products
  • Batteries
  • Tyres
  • Pressurised containers
  • Paint or varnish tins
  • Gas cylinders
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Liquids of any description.

There are things that you will need to consider before hiring a skip. You will not require a permit for a skip if you keep in on private land such as a driveway or your garden, but ensure that the location you choose is accessible and solid.  If you feel that the land is not stable you will need to hire additional stabilising equipment.  You will require a permit if you want your skip to be placed on the road, you can purchase these for around £30 from your local council.  They can take around 10 working days to obtain and you must make a note of the expiry date to make sure your skip is collected before the permit runs out.

There is a skip available for every project, this directory will help you search for the most reputable skip hire companies and take the stress out of sourcing a skip.